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    Billingsgate Seafood School

    Celebrating Sustainable Fish & Shellfish - Sustainable Seafood Award 2014
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    Get into Fishmongering

    Free with agreed funding from Billingsgate School
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    Bespoke Days for the Industry

    We plan bespoke courses to suit your budget

What`s on offer

Food Lovers
Food Lovers

All of our fish preparation and cookery courses are lead by expert instructors including chefs and fishmongers who work alongside small groups to make sure every course offers a really practical and insightful experience.

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Schools & Funded

We offer a range of courses to schools and colleges. We do have some funding in place for many courses as part of our schools programme, these are offered on a first come first served basis.

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Seafood Industry

For industry training we have a selection of cookery courses and preparation courses that offer expertise in many areas within the seafood industry. We offer hands-on practical training.

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New for 2014

New weekday lunch: SEAFOOD DISCOVERY LUNCHES (see Food Lovers)

Join us for a relaxed weekday lunch mid-morning - so no early start on this day! Each 'discovery' lunch will begin with a tutored tasting. Our first events are Wine and Seafood pairings: Wednesday 12th November for Wine and Shellfish.  You will be treated to a tasting plate of first course dishes such as Taramasalata, Smoked Fish Blinis, Salt Cod and Sweet Potato Fish Cakes and other favourite Billingsgate recipes. Nancy Gilchrist M.W. will deliver a tasting of a number of wines to match. We then serve a seafood main course to complete the day.
This day is ideal for those who enjoy seafood and would like some expert advice about matching this to wine.

New bespoke class: Kid's Seafood Discovery Parties (see Food Lovers)

If you would like to have a private children's 'party or 'get together' we now offer a Saturday afternoon class for 7 - 14 year olds where they roll up their sleeves and prepare some seafood and cook a couple of dishes under the watchful eye of our chef trainers. Call Kerry Dixson our Office Manager for more information and prices.

New Autumn Seafood Industry training dates at Billingsgate School

New Autumn Fish & Shellfish Industry training dates at Billingsgate School

With support from Fishmongers' Livery Company and City & Guilds the Seafood School is offering new and experienced fishmongers, fish merchants, and fish handlers the opportunity to gain accredited training through the C&G Seafood Retail Certificate.  Dates for this programme through the Autumn are 14th & 15th October and 4th & 5th November.  

To help new business start ups Fishmongers' Livery Company is also offering funding for our business mentoring programme and workshop 'Get into Fishmongering'.  Lead by retired fishmonger and past president of the National Federation of Fishmongers, Charlie Caisey MBE offers new entrants to the trade his time and expertise sourcing and selling fish and shellfish, dates for this Autumn are, 15th October and 6 November.  

For Technical Managers, Food Inspectors and Environmental Health Practitioners the School is now also offering a combined fish and shellfish identification quality assessment awareness day which is scheduled for Thursday 20th November.

In colaboration with the Sea Fish Industry Authority the School also delivers a certified 'Introduction to Fishmongering', Tuesday 18th November.  This date is supported with a workbook and is aimed at new staff working on a fish counter.

To book this or any of our courses call our office Manager - Kerry Dixson on 0207 517 3548.


Catch of the Day 1

After a brief introduction to life at Billingsgate your day begins at 6.15am with an educational escorted market visit where you will learn how to identify quality and the many species of fish and shellfish on sale. A cooked breakfast is served in the school kitchens when there is an opportunity to ask further questions. The first part of the course is a hands-on fish preparation session and includes how to make a good fish stock. Once prepared the chefing team will show you a variety…

12-14 People
8.00 hours
£ 198.00

Shellfish Catch

Delivered along exactly the same lines as Saturday Catch, this course focuses on shellfish and is perfect for someone who has been on a previous Saturday and wants to learn more. This course is delivered by the School's Principal, CJ Jackson Redeeming a gift voucher? Please do not book below, telephone Kerry on 0207 517 3548 with your voucher number.

15-15 People
5.00 hours
£ 120.00

Saturday's Catch

Cost: £100.00 (with Billingsgate Buyer's Guide) Saturday's Catch is one of our most popular courses. It is a busy morning with a combination of hands on practical fishmongering and knife skills and innovative cooking in a demonstration setting. Redeeming a gift voucher? Please do not book below, telephone Kerry on 0207 517 3548 with your voucher number.

14-15 People
5.00 hours
£ 100.00
All Food Lovers Courses
There are no upcoming courses in this category...

Knife Skills Intermediate (Level 2)

The day begins with an early morning escorted market visit with one of the Fisheries Inspectors from Fishmongers' Company or an experienced fishmonger who understands the workings of Billingsgate Market. Breakfast is served in our kitchens with an introduction to the day. A short 30 minute talk covering sustainability and responsible sourcing follows before cutting commences in our knife skills area. The hands-on knife skills element of the day continues through to around 2pm and includes a…

10-12 People
6.45 hours
£ 210.00

Introduction to Knife Skills (level 1)

This popular course and is ideal for chefs, interested amateurs (often fishermen) and trainee fishmongers who are keen to focus on preparing a wide range of species under the watchful eye of a block man or fishmonger. Don't forget that traffic is usually much lighter at this time of day. For estimated travel times to the market see FAQ section of website. Redeeming a gift voucher? Please don't book below, telephone Kerry on 0207 517 3548 with your voucher number.

10-12 People
7.00 hours
£ 197.00

City & Guilds Retail Certificate Courses

14th & 15th October 2014 4th & 5th November 2014 This 2 day course is sponsored by Fishmongers' Company and City & Guilds and would usually cost £400 approx. Due to high demand for these assisted places we require a deposit of £300. After £50 is deducted for fish costs, £250 is refunded on completion of the course and associated coursework. The City & Guilds Retail Certificate offers an opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge about various…

8-15 People
16.15 hours
£ 300.00
All Seafood Industry Courses

Corporate and Team Days

Why not bring your clients or team along for a challenging day or evening session of seafood preparation and cooking at Billingsgate Seafood Training School ?  Non seafood eaters catered for.

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Welcome to Billingsgate Seafood School

Welcome to Billingsgate Seafood School

Fish Cookery Courses and Preparation Courses in London

Billingsgate Seafood Training School is located on the first floor of Billingsgate Fish Market next to Canary Wharf, London


We are a charity, focused on promoting responsibly sourced seafood to young people as part of a healthy diet. We specialise in providing fish preparation and cookery courses, and offer training to people coming into the seafood industry or who want to improve their understanding of it. To support our charitable activities, we have a wide range of courses for the general public aimed at increasing the knowledge of seafood amongst food lovers.

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We offer a gift voucher service for all our courses and these can be personalised and made out for any occasion.

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