Intro to Fish For GCSE

An opportunity for students to take part in a course delivered at the Seafood School at Billingsgate.  The course is particularly suitable for students following a course in Home Economics, Food Technology or Catering.

The students take part in two sessions:

In one group the students are introduced to the variety of fish and shellfish species available. We discuss how and where fish and shellfish live focusing on the issue of sustainability.  Students will have the oppertunity to fillet one type of fish and we will demonstrate how fish is prepared ready for cooking and identify the parts of the fish.

In the second session the student prepare a selection of recipes focusing on the health benefits of eating seafood and the ease and speed of cooking. All the dishes prepared are shared in a tasting session.

The groups swap over so the students take part in both sessions.

Age Group YR 10  - YR 13

Timings 10am – 1.15pm

Lunches: There is plenty to taste but students are advised to bring a packed lunch which may be eaten in the classroom area.

Each course can have up to 28 places - however you can book the number you require.

For courses of 15-28, (regardless of how many schools are involved) the class will be split into 2 groups, but each group will take part in both sessions. 

Cost: These courses are partly funded by the profits on the commercial courses run by the Seafood School. But in order to offer as many schools as possible this opportunity there will be a fee £15 per student.


To book : Click contact us and select Education Booking Enquiry as the subject and request a booking form.