Intro to Fish Course at Your School – Secondary

As part of our educational work we are delighted to be able to bring a small piece of Billingsgate to your school.  Students will have the opportunity to investigate a selection of sustainable species to encourage a wider understanding and confident use of fish as a food.

Activities would focus on preparation techniques, cooking and tasting different species of seafood.   We could deliver short demonstrations within Food Technology/Catering/Home Economics lessons or take part in Curriculum Days.

Sessions and activities could be planned to suit the time and facilities available.  The sessions could involve a demonstration of simple fish filleting techniques, followed by cooking and tasting.  Every effort would be made to involve the students as much as possible with activities such as peeling prawns, preparing squid, cooking recipes.

Schools are encouraged to include information about the visit in newsletters or on web sites.  We welcome feedback and information on follow up activities from schools via our email

Age Groups:  Flexible but suggested YR 10 – YR 13

Timings: Flexible to suit individual schools

Outreach visits can be arranged in collaboration with schools local catering colleges. If you know the local college details please advise us at the time of enquiry.

Cost: These courses are supported by funds from the Seafood school but in order to give as many schools as possible the opportunity of a course we ask for a contribution £10.00 - £15.00 per student; (the amount depends on the numbers of students).

To Book: Click contact us and select Education Booking Enquiry as the subject.  Please provide as much information as possible including the suggestion of dates.