Posted on December 18, 2013 by CJ

…. Having spent the day appreciating the brisk Alaskan weather in the Lynn Channel, Rosemary, Jocelyn and I thawed out for a little while before heading off to our hosts house to cook supper.

Joe, Stefan and Rowley met us and we set about preparing a feast for a handful of guests from ASMI…with Stefan filming us every step of the way…

Chef Stef had already produced some lovely canapés – including… cherry tomatoes with salmon ceviche, local oysters with Champagne vinegar and shallot granita (that was my highlight) and prawn toasts… beautifully presented…

You never stop learning- do you?…..and I have a lot to learn about beer!!
Alaskan Brewery boys were setting up a tasting of some of their IPA’s….from the afore named brewery based In Juneau. I am a little ashamed to admit I know next to nothing about beer… But learnt a thing or two from the rest of my party who do!…. And now know that I really enjoy light wheat beers that are not too yeasty… Still learning!. But they are proud of their product and have reason to be … They sent us home with some and I was amazed at the Smoked Porter… But that’s another story..

Joe had arranged for wild halibut and a substantial Pacific King salmon that I loved cutting. I filleted the halibut and cut the salmon into steaks, loin and tail fillets. I turned the steaks into noisettes and filleted the loin.

For anyone who enjoys cooking at all – having the opportunity to work with something new is always a delight… This was a fantastic opportunity….

In the kitchen Rosemary produced three dishes: Salmon with Strawberry sauce, Salmon and Halibut Fruit de Mer in a wonderfully rich and creamy sauce and a salmon dish on rocket (arugula) leaves with caramelised nuts..

Rowley worked his Cafe Anglaise magic with halibut and salmon…

As for me I was desperate to complete the cycle of catch, cut and cook my black cod!!… It is a very natural partner to miso and is served thus in many restaurants. Our hosts in Cordova scored a fillet and roasted with a sticky Miso glaze… I wanted something different and decided to use my Seafood school recipe of Fresh Coriander and Chilli dressing…
So I skinned the cod fillets, scored them two thirds of the through from the bone side and roasted it at gar mark 6 (200C) for 22 minutes … It has a deceptively dense texture and took a little longer than I anticipated… I whizzed up a bunch of fresh coriander (cilantro) with 2tbsp freshly. Rated ginger, 2 de-seeded red chillies, 1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp sesame oil, 2 tbsp each of rice wine vinegar and light soy sauce…. As soon as my fish was cooked this unctuous green sauce was spooned over the top to seep into the fish as it cooled slightly…. It worked just as well as our salmon recipe.

With the King salmon noisettes I pressed these and then roasted these for 12 minutes and served them with a creamy reduction sauce with sage, green olives and saffron, rich, but well worth the calories for a special treat!

The evening was another of relaxed enjoyment with warm and friendly Alaskans.

Dinner over we returned to our hotel to pack.

Leaving Alaska… And reflections next…