ALASKA… Juneau and fishing for black cod!

Posted on December 18, 2013 by CJ

The rain followed us relentlessly all the way from Cordova to Juneau.

We arrived in the capital of Alaska and enjoyed another good dinner in The Gold Room of the Banarof hotel… More seafood, of course, with more King Crab, Oysters, seared weathervane Scallops, Halibut encrusted with Macadamia and King Salmon….

An early start on Wednesday morning accompanied by Mary from ASMI – we head off to the harbour to join Ben our skipper and the chartered fishing boat.

This time our target species was the hugely valuable black cod… Just Rosemary and I were lined up to fish today and I was rather dismayed to discover that that the water looked ‘a bit choppy’ – not a phrase I like to hear as I don’t find my sea legs easily!

Our breakfast on board boat was supplied by the lovely Chef Stef… A Juneau based chef who is one of the most popular caterers in the area… There being a dearth of good restaurants… Stef is always in high demand!

We were entertained by a lone humpback whale that was hanging about in the harbour and then high speed over the waves by Ben, our Skipper and his ‘deck-hand’ Tanni…

Fishing at depth in the Lynn Channel, we were instructed in the use if the rods and set to work!… This time our rods where operated by an electric winch – and although we felt that this was cheating somewhat…. both Rosemary and I were relieved not to have to reel the line in… We found the 180 foot depth of Prince William Sound hard enough, this time we were fishing at around 450 meters…

In top competitive form – Rosemary had the first catch of the day… Alaskan pollock… I was thrilled to land the first black cod … Despite the ‘choppy’ water proving too much… It was a bitter day – not by Alaskan standards – we conceded – but cold enough for us to cut short our fishing after a further 2 cod for me and a further 3 fish for Rosemary…

We had hoped to see more whales, but caught a glimpse of sea lions and seals before arriving back at harbour… Sadly no Orcas today!

I was desperate to have a go at filleting my black cod… And despite frozen fingers managed a reasonable attempt … Charlie Caisey M.B.E. wouldn’t agree!! But I won’t post a picture! I was amazed at the oiliness of the flesh, it was like cutting a fish that was coated in melted butter!

We head back to the hotel to warm up and then onto our chef session with Rowley – preparing dinner for a number of Juneau residents!

This day catching, preparing and cooking black cod in one day was probably the top highlights for me and a first…

Recipes and our evening coming up…