ALASKA – reflections

Posted on December 18, 2013 by CJ

Now on our last leg of our Alaska trip we had a look at the melting Middenhall Glacier in Juneau (hoping for a sighting of a bear!!… Sadly still in hiding!)

We viewed the regular fisheries meetings where anyone from individual fishermen through to larger companies have a chance to put considerations to a substantial panel whose main role is to protect sustainability and responsible sourcing, health and safety and the welfare and support of the industry.

The continuous thread throughout this whole visit was all about maintaining best possible fishery practice and sustainable fish stocks and although there was no question about this there were also tensions too. The cold weather had halted sor me of the openers and some Copper River gill netters were champing at the bit to get out and fish… But although the department of fisheries and game were under pressure to open the fishery they were looking for a certain number to enter the river system so that everyone gets a fair bite at the cherry.

It sounds like counting pebbles on the beach, but they go to extraordinary lengths to keep track of numbers of fish landed and are in the rivers…

Our parting meal was King crab rolls at Tracy’s Crab Shack on the harbour in Juneau – which was very memorable!

So 4 whole days and 5 nights flew by but the amount that was packed into the time, everything we saw and learnt and the amount of flying made it feel more like a fortnight!

We left wanting more and an indelible memory of warm charming people, breath taking scenery and wild life. Thankfully there is no reason that it will not all still be here for many more generations to enjoy.