Basic Smoking Course - May 2016

Posted on May 25, 2016 by CJ Jackson

We had a first earlier this month... Seafish (Industry Authority) delivererd a commercial smoking course at the market, bringing a portable kiln into our kitchen facilities. The day was attended by a number of small fish and shellfish businesses wanting to update their knowledge. Our CEO - CJ Jackson - also attended with a view to how we can improve our offerings at the school. 

We covered lots of the basics for both hot and cold smoking including product, brining in solution and dry salting, setting and then smoking at various temperatures and for different periods of time. We also hot smoked mackerel. Choice os shavings where discussed looking at both soft and hard woods and how to light the smoker and control temperature to prevent over-heating.

Trimming and pin-boning products were discussed as were different yields and there was a masterclass on pin-boning and slicing our smoked salmon. 

There were lots of dicussions about the different techniques adopted by smoke houses - and we included a comparative tasting of smoked salmon, haddock and mackerel purchased from the market to see how our own results reflected. 

Although this course had to be delivered over 2 days so that the product was smoked long enough - we run a 1 day course for our Food Lovers covering cold and hot smoking, salting and preserving and we certainly have some new information to include on that course.

We will - hopefully - be running another commercial course at some stage, but for Food Lovers - we have our own Smoking and Preserving Day on 10th June - and we still have places.  Want to bring a friend?... we offer a discount on group bookings. 


CJ Jackson