Beyond Barriers return…

Posted on January 25, 2017 by CJ Jackson, CEO

We are thrilled to have received funding from both Savoy Education Trust and The Cooks Livery Company to support cooking classes for the local partially sighted and blind community group: Beyond Barriers.

With the funds they have provided we are able to work with a number of people partially sighted, blind and also the volunteers to build their confidence in the kitchen and learn basic cookery techniques. Working with fish and shellfish, meat and vegetables, and a number of dry store ingredients, the group are going to prepare a number of dishes. Including; Scones, Soda Bread, Shortbread, Prawn Pilaf, Cottage Pie, and a number of other dishes over the next couple of months.

Our fabulous training team, Head Chef Deanna Smith and Carolina Manuel are helping the group step by step through these popular but basic recipes. The group are delighted to have the opportunity to learn basic skills in the kitchen that they can replicate at home. 


CJ Jackson