Frozen at Sea Cod (FAS)

Posted on January 20, 2016 by CJ Jackson

This is a busy week in the seafood industry calendar...

Seafish sponsored Fish and Chip Shop of the Year final judging and the winners announced today at a lunch in London..
Very well done to ... Simpsons for running off with the title this year.

And.... that leads nicely onto the Norwegian Seafood Summit - also sponsors of the Fish & Chip Shop final - as they held their annual meeting at the Norwegian Embassy in London and focused on Norwegian seafood both wild caught and aquaculture: cod, haddock, halibut and salmon to name a few.

I went along to talk about 'FROZEN AT SEA' (FAS) product - cod and haddock are sold both fresh and frozen from Norway. We use 
this frozen cod in a number of our courses for both industry and general public, partly because we want to:
  - dispel the myth that frozen product is inferior to fresh But - we also want to challenge the story that all fish is expensive. Norwegian landed product has a very good sustainability record too... so this ticks lots of boxes.

Many fish and chip shops use FAS fish (cod and haddock) on their menu as it fries particularly well.

Frozen at Sea product has to be frozen within a couple of hours of being landed and it retains a wonderful flavour. 
Frozen fish is less expensive than fresh - and particularly in the last week or two when fresh cod prices rocketed for a few days - bad weather and low catch pushed the price up...

The only point we like to make is that frozen cod is less forgiving and if cooked for too long dries a little and the fabulous texture is lost. Many fish is sold packaged and comes with storage and cooking times - ignore cooking times and learn to trust your judgement and cook until the fish is white and flaky. 

And the highlight of the week for me has been the Celebration of Skrei Dinner - Skrei is a seasonal landing of cod from the very cold waters of Norway that appear in January and are prolific until late spring. This white and sweet flavoured fish is appearing on the menu's of the best restaurants as chefs love to cook this very special fish.

Presented by Michele Roux - who headed up a fishing trip to Norward last weekend - a wonderful dinner was served using the cod cheeks, tongues and loins - beautifully presented. 

Skrei is sold by a number of merchants at Billingsgate and I for one - will enjoy talking about this on one of our market visits tomorrow...

CJ Jackson
Billingsgate Seafood School


CJ Jackson