Meet What You Eat... Channel 4 Monday 6th June 8pm

Posted on June 01, 2016 by CJ Jackson

MEET WHAT YOU EAT - A new food programme from Channel 4 TX: June 6, 8pm
Everything you wanted to know about food but were too afraid to ask!

It was such a relief to have a TV company here on the market that actually wanted to get right back to basics and create a programme about best quality fish and shellfish!

CJ Jackson , our CEO and food writer had a throughly good time hunting out the best quality product on the day and demonstrating how to tell it is fresh. 

We all should know that bright eyes, red gills and firm flesh are key to quality, but so are slime on some species, colour on others and above all smell. On the programme - CJ sniffs her way around the market and talks about the many species that come into the trading area and how you can tell they are good just at a glance. Good quality fish will either have no smell at all, or simply give off fresh ozone odours - avoid anything that smells like seaweed. The good thing about fish is if it really is 'off' the smell is terrible!

CJ also says 'we are always under the impression that best quality fish must be eaten on the day of purchase, but this isn't always the case. If the fish is stored well, wrapped and packed on ice the shelf live is increased. 

CJ promotes the fact that fish is really the ultimate fast food, she demonstrates how little time a white fish takes to cook in a microwave - usually around 1.5 - 2 minutes and under the grill a mackerel fillet will take about 3 minutes to cook through - so no excuse - fish CAN be inexpensive and easy to cook.


CJ Jackson