M&S came to help us develop some new family recipes

Posted on November 17, 2016

M&S - as part of their charitable activites, gave up a day to come and help us create some new ideas for family entertaining and for us to take out to Food Festivals in 2017.

This is their day....

Spent a fantastic day at Billingsgate Fish School…
CJ Jackson (CEO) started the day off by giving us a great intro into the work that the charity carries out and their links with M&S.
We’ve been with George Hooper, youngest ever winner of the National Federation of Fishmongers British Fishcraft. He’s the codfather of fish filleting and showed us some of his skills this morning, despite some of us being a little green around the gills at the scale of the task, we all got stuck in and enjoyed filleting a gurnard, mackerel and lemon sole, whilst learning lots of new facts about our fishy friends.
After seeing the fish close up we had a brainstorming session on recipes that could be low cost, healthy and use sustainable fish. CJ and her team will then use the recipes when travelling around the country visiting Food Festivals, educating communities about healthy and sustainable fish.
We chose our favourite recipes to cook up in the kitchen and found some willing guinea pigs to test our creations before we encourage others to create them at home!  The recipes we chose were all very simple to prepare and cook, and would be easy to involve all family members in the process if making the dishes at home.
We thoroughly enjoyed our day at Billingsgate Fish School, learnt a lot of new skills and hope that the recipes we’ve chosen help to encourage people to use more sustainable fish in the future.