Oysters ..... Lobsters ..... Salmon.... Aphrodisiacs for Valentines?

Posted on February 09, 2016 by CJJACKSON, CEO

One of our retired fishmongers at the school often talks about the aphrodisiac qualities of whelks... 'eat several and you are up all night with indigestion'!!! but joking aside with St Valentines Day fast approaching we notice that sales of oyster and lobster are on the increase.

Along with omega 3 rich fish like salmon and mackerel - they are all attributed with aphrodisiac qualities and this isn't just imagination...

Oysters and other shellfish including mussels are packed with zinc and this is known to help with the production of testosterone and increase sex drive....
Lobsters like many other types of shellfish are low in fat and fantastically healthy to eat - but they also include traces amounts of selenium - another support for the sexual organs.
And fish including salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines - all of the oily fish group are high in omega 3 which are known to boost sex hormones. 

If you want to buy any of the above ...
There are a great number of oysters available here at the market and they range in price from 38p for a rock oyster up to £1 plus for a native species. An oyster isn't 'just' an oyster - try a tasting platter of oysters from a number of different areas from the UK coast line and you will be surprised just how different they all are. The shells and meat are all affected by the nutrients that they feed on and the resulting flavours can be as diverse as 'briny', 'metallic'  and 'nutty'. A tasting of oysters is not dissimilar to wine: you note the 'nose'. 'body' 'finish and 'texture' and you will be surprised that they aren't just all 'brine'!  Look out for wafts and flavours including samphire, fruit apples and pears, seaweed and rock pools, cucumber and lettuce and also mown grass.. 
Enjoy tasting them - but be a little cautious about downing too much alcohol - particularly spirits with these as the two don't go together well.

For tips on how to shuck them go to: https://youtu.be/CPJz4pW0uns

For a lobster - you have a choice between Canadian and Native. Canadian are least expensive and have a meaty taste. Native lobsters have a finer, sweeter texture but are usually more expensive than Canadian. 
They are available, live, cooked and cooked and frozen at the market.

And... for Omega 3 fish - always lots to choose from and we should all be eating this at least twice a week - whether it is fresh, frozen or in a can.

CJ Jackson