Smoked and Preserved Seafood Day

Posted on December 18, 2013 by CJ Jackson

We had a full complement of students on our pilot smoking day at the school and it was a packed agenda.

Ken Condon – our cheeky retired fishmonger – who is always  so popular and welcome member of our team at the school took part in the early market visit along with the fisheries team.

We served a jugged kipper breakfast and then spent an hour talking through smoking methods. Ken’s shop in Stockwell, South London, was famous for its smoked product and he is passionate and knowledgeable about the topic.

He demonstrated how to long slice a side of smoked salmon and how to ‘d’ cut a side of our own home made Gravadlax.  Ken talked about the techniques of smoking and how a lot of it is done by guess work and experience.

During the rest of the morning the group prepared a selection of species including trout, bass and herrings – which are in season – along with sprats. The team of chefs… myself and our head chef trainer – Eithne Neame – worked through a selection of ‘preserved’ recipes including: salted Pollock, ceviche (with razor clams), Roll Mops (herrings) Escabeche (sea bass). We also made Taramasalata (smoked cods roe) and Brandade (salt Pollock) for the group to taste.

For lunch the group also ‘hot smoked’ trout for lunch which they enjoyed with a samphire salad.

We all had a great day and the only feedback that would make us look at the contents of the course for the next programme due to be delivered in November – was ‘fantastic day – but perhaps information overload’ – so with that in mind – we are looking forward to our next session.

If you are interested in joining the next class… only a handful of places left – but 10% discount on the course if you quote the word ‘smoked blog’ when booking with our admin team.


CJ Jackson