Posted on December 18, 2013 by CJ Jackson

I have written about this before – but cuttlefish is one of our favourites at the  seafood school: we like preparing it and then cooking it in a number of different ways, it is versatile and easy to cook.

One favourite is the tentacle casserole slowly braised for 2 hours in n balsamic vinegar with shallots. The end result is rich, delicious and eye-brow raising as it isn’t at all what people expect.

The head is very finely sliced and stir-fried for a few seconds and then tossed into a smoked paprika and shallot vinaigrette…and is the easiest dish to create. It is a pity it is not so readily available as squid – it is under utilised in the UK, but is more likely to end up as fisherman’s bait or sent abroad where it is more appreciated than here.

All sorts of flavours work with squid and cuttlefish and I like experimenting.

There has been some fabulous squid at ‘the gate’… the boys name for Billingsgate… it is pearly white and translucent and incredibly tempting – even at 5am in the morning..

I bought a few squid for home and last night made a speedy salad tiede with the scored head and tentacles – I seasoned it all with a touch of salt and pepper and then tossed that into a wok that was smoking hot. About 30 seconds later I removed the wok from the heat and splashed in a lid full of rice wine vinegar and then tossed it into a bed of watercress leaves and a generous sprinkling of tarragon from the garden. It was a great appetizer – and even though we did have some barbecued prawns – we didn’t really need those as the squid was perfectly filling.


CJ Jackson