£130 Seasonal Workshop Gift Voucher

1-16 People
6.00 hours
£ 130.00

Do you want to understand about seasonal ingredients and seafood?

Join us for tea, coffee and toast at 5.45 - 6am for a short market briefing. We will explain about the history of the market and what to expect during the market visit.

You will join the training team on the market and will focus on identifying the very best fish and shellfish of the day. Three of the very best seasonal species will be chosen as a group and delivered to the kitchen for you to learn how to prepare. The choice could be any number of seafood: saithe, hake, mullet, witch, lemon sole, plaice, clams, scallops, crab. The list is extensive. If there is a shortage of responsibly sourced seafood on the day we will also include farmed fish including seabass, bream, trout or turbot.

Everyone returns to the kitchen to prepare a seafood brunch, this may be Home Smoked Mackerel and Mango Kedgeree or Hot Smoked Salmon Baguettes (you will prepare and smoke your own fish).

After breakfast the class set about preparing the fish purchased under the guidance of one of our expert trainers.

The trainer leading the course will talk about ways to cook the fish and some dishes will be demonstrated to taste as a light lunch.

The morning finishes at around 12.00pm. You will leave with your prepared fish and some easy recipe ideas.

This course includes seafood preparation and a little practical cooking as part of the day along with bundles of tips and tricks to understand the preparation and cooking at home. 

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