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12-14 People
8.00 hours
£ 198.00

Catch of the Day 1 is all about learning the basics and gaining the confidence to choose seafood, prepare it, store it and cook it.

Catch of the Day 2 is perfect for cooks who have some fish preparation experience and would like to add more recipes to their repertoire.


Gain the confidence and learn the skills to know what seafood (both fish and shellfish) to buy, how to prepare it and how to cook it to perfection. We love sharing our expertise and own experiences of life at Billingsgate and the very best seafood to buy and cook. If you have never picked up a knife before or even have some experience and would like some new techniques- we will guide you through all the stages.

On arrival we will get you suited and booted for a trip around the market! We divide our class into small groups and introduce you to the delights of Billingsgate Market when it is in full swing. Ice, fresh seafood from all around the world and dozens of different species and market banter can't fail to get the day off to a fabulous start. Our market visits are led by some of the familiar faces on the market including our team: CJ Jackson, Paula Williams, The Fisheries Inspectors, Retired fishmongers and some buyers... depending on the day... we try and pack as much in as we can.

You will have a chance to buy extra fish and shellfish at this point - so if you think you may be tempted - please bring cash - we can store it for you in our chiller during your course.

Back to the kitchens to warm up and tuck into a breakfast and hot mug of tea or coffee before spending the rest of the day handling a range of seafood to prepare and take away the 'Catch of the Day'. If you have any allergies or food intolerances - please make sure you tell us about it - so we can have a plan in place.

You will prepare a number of fish and some shellfish and make a fabulous fish stock. We will talk you through marinades and you create your own for your prepared fish to enjoy for lunch. Using the stock you will make our Billingsgate Saffron and Fennel Fish Stew - that you will take home to feed a family of 4 for supper.

During the day we will share our secrets on the best way to cook several types of fish - be it grilling a mackerel, poaching a fish fillet, roasting a large whole fish and pan-frying.

Bring a pen and paper to write it all down and we will supply a recipe pack for the day.  We talk about getting everyone eating their 2 portions of fish a week - a day with us will certainly tick that box!


Some like to jump straight to this class as it deals with less familiar species of fish and shellfish. Whatever the species on the day you will still enhance your knife skills and learn lots of new techniques to take home.

Informative, informal and inspirational - the day includes a tutored market visit with one of the experts from the Seafood School.
After one of our seafood breakfasts you will work with a number of seasonal species chosen on the day.

We choose the best on the market for the week, often this will be flat fish including one of the sole group and often a larger fish such as hake - it all depends on the weather, the season and what there is available on the market.

Throughout the day we talk about sustainability and responsible sourcing, discuss misconceptions regarding farmed species and where the product we have chosen comes from. We will show you how to prepare the fish and teach you how to use a filleting and steaking knife effectively, including how to keep it sharp.  Over the last few months we have prepared witch, lemon sole, scallops in the shell, cuttlefish, clams and hake.

We make a seafood stock as part of this course which you will use for lunch to make a Risotto with either cuttlefish, prawns or mussels.

You will then prepare 2 further dishes to take away to serve at home.  The chef trainers will prepare some innovative dishes to give you lots of tips and hints to give you the confidence to show off your fishmongering and culinary skills when entertaining at home.

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