Every Which Way Techniques

12-14 People
2.00 hours
£ 65.00

Join the chef trainers at Billingsgate Seafood School for a relaxed evening of fish or shellfish preparation and cooking. During this hands-on class you will learn how to prepare the selected fish or shellfish in a couple of ways with a third option demonstrated with other related species. The evening ends with a supper of your prepared fish or you can take it away to serve at home. 

What's coming up.

Friday 5th October 2018
Rays and Skates....
Learn about the various rays and skates that are fished around the UK and understand the sustainability issues surrounding some of these amazing fish and how to identify the best quality. Working with locally sourced Thornback Ray (also known as Roker), you will learn how to fillet a wing, make Roast Skate Fillets with Pancetta and Warm Caper Dressing. The chef team will demonstrate a Court Bouillon and Poached Skate with Parsley and Shrimp Butter and Stir-fried Skate Nobs with Chilli and Ginger to taste at the end of the evening. Non meat or shellfish diners will be offered an alternative - please let us know at time of booking.

Friday 2nd November 2018
Know your soles: Dover sole, Torbay sole and Lemon sole

Learn how to trim, skin and pocket a small Dover sole (Slip sole) to create Baked Sole with Wild Mushroom, Creme Fraiche and Sage.
The chef team will demonstrate the preparation of a Torbay sole for Roast Sole with Ratatouille Dressing and Lemon sole for Poached Lemon sole with Herb Reduction

Friday 30th November 2018
Know your oysters, clams and mussels

Working with a combination of Native and Pacific Oysters, learn how to shuck, taste, cook and enjoy these for supper. You will taste the Native oysters with Shallot Vinegar and bake Pacific oysters for Oysters Rockefeller. The chef team will demonstrate the making of Clam and Mussel Bourride - looking at the various steamer clams available on the market. 


18:30pm - 20:00pm

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What to Expect

An informal evening class learning how to prepare and cook a selected species of fish or shellfish. You focus on one species of fish and cook this for supper. We will demonstrate a couple of ideas with related species for you to taste as part of the evening. We look at the various preparation techniques for each species of fish and give advice on a variety of cooking methods.

Who should attend

This short evening is a perfect opportunity to learn some new and easy cooking techniques and some fish preparation to show off at home.

What you take home

Recipe pack and key notes about techniques you have learnt during the course of the evening.

Can I buy fish?

As the market is closed in the evening, we can purchase extra fish if you would like to practice at home. Please contact our administration team to discuss market price and availability.

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