10-20 People
3.00 hours
£ 60.00

PRICE IS FOR 1 ADULT AND 1 CHILD.... for a second child - add another £20. 

A great family afternoon - creating memories..come down to the Seafood School to make BLACK AND WHITE PASTA WITH RED SEAFOOD SAUCE... in other words, don a black top and have a go at making squid ink pasta, prepare some seafood food (fish and shellfish) in our best tomato and pimento (and chilli - if you want) sauce to serve for supper. 

The class starts at 2.45 PM - join us for tea, coffee and a chat about seafood. 
We kick start the practical class by showing you how a cuttlefish is prepared and where the ink is stored. 
We will show you how to make the pasta dough with and without black ink and the kids can start rolling it out in our pasta machines to cut black and plain tagliatelle, so it is ready to take away at the end of the session

Everyone will then prepare a number of shellfish: prawns, squid and mussels along with saithe to add to our red sauce that we have made from scratch for you to take away. You will have enough seafood and pasta to feed a family of 4. 

Class is suitable for 8 - 14 year olds. 

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