Friday Evening Seafood

10-12 People
3.00 hours
£ 89.00

Come,  unwind and LEARN how to prepare a wide selection of seafood and CREATE some fantastic seafood dishes to add to your culinary repertoire!

This is a HANDS ON PRACTICAL CLASS....and you will be tutored through the session to make the most of your seafood and the recipes prepared. 

If you would like to try your hand at some fish and shellfish preparation and some classic and global seafood recipes  - this is the course for you.

Join the chef trainer team from the school to cover fish preparation techniques and then create a 2 - 3 dishes to enjoy for supper. We aim to demonstrate some dishes to taste too. Any leftover fish or prepared dishes you take away with you.

Tea and coffee are available at the start of the evening and a glass or wine (or two!) and soft drinks to finish the evening.

Discounts apply to bookings of 3 or more people - Only when making a telephone booking: 0207 517 3548

Spend the evening preparing mussels, clams, squid, crab claws and Dublin Bay prawns (aka scampi/langoustine) to create
our Shellfish One Pot for supper - something you can replicate for Christmas and can feed a crowd. Tuck into this for supper after Pacific/Rock oysters on the half shell. 

Smoke, Slice and Cure Evening
Spend the evening learning how to slice your own small side of smoked salmon - that you can vac-pac and take away to freeze for Christmas. Marinade your own salmon portions for making GRAVADLAX and prepare your own mackerel to hot smoke to serve with SALSA VERDE - to enjoy for supper.
Our chef team will create 4 - 5 canapes to taste



Start the year on the right food with low carb and boost your omega 3 levels. 
Working with Pacific sockeye salmon, mackerel and best quality rope grown mussels you will create Sockeye Salmon Ceviche with Salmon Roe, Tandoori Grilled Mackerel with Asian Inspired Cauliflower Rice and Steamed Mussels with Garlic and Black Eye Beans. The chef team will Hot Hickory Smoked Sockeye Salmon to serve with our own Salsa Verde for you to taste.  


Working with hake, sole and smoked haddock
We will demonstrate how to prepare a whole hake and our guests will skin a sole ready for cooking and skin and pin-bone a smoked haddock fillet. You will create Grilled Sole with Blood Orange Hollandaise and Hake and Smoked Haddock Tartare Fish Cakes to enjoy for supper. The chef team will make Traditional Cullen Skink (Smoked haddock soup)


Working with Palourde Clams, Rock Oysters and King scallops create Clam Bourride (steamed clams with a saffron and garlic sauce) Oyster Po'Boys (shuck and deep-fry oysters in a buttermilk batter) and Seared Scallops on Creamed Leeks with Rosemary. The chef team will create Steamed Scallops in the shell with Pernod. 


Working with salt fish, hake, prawns, mussels and seabass we will demonstrate how to prepare a whole large hake and seabass. Our guests will then make Remojon (Toasted salt cod and orange salad) and Caldereta Asturiana (traditional fish and shellfish stew). The chef team will demonstrate Escabeche (pickled seabass or red mullet)



18:30pm - 21:30pm

Booking course

  • Description
Techniques covered

Something different every evening. Come and learn how to prepare a number of different species of seafood to give you confidence to cook fabulous seafood dishes for your friends.

What to Expect

Join the chef trainer from the school to cover fish preparation techniques and then create a simple first course followed by a complex main.

Who should attend

Those who want to enjoy more seafood and gain confidence in preparing and cooking different species.

What you take home

A recipe pack and any seafood you have prepared and haven't eaten.

Can I buy fish?

If you would like extra fish to prepare at home, please place an order at time of booking, or call a week prior to discuss

Review and leave a comment about the course you had with us.

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