Hook Line and Sinker

1-12 People
5.30 hours
£ 130.00

Our SEASONAL saturday class - HOOK, LINE AND SINKER - is a perfect day course for any one wanting to learn the art of cutting fish, or improve their filleting skills. 

Join the training team at the school at 8.30am to view the market as it closes down for the week. Information about the market - the history, operational hours and where the fish arrives from forms a part of the mornings introduction.

Spend the rest of the morning with an experienced fishmonger learning the basics of some fish and shellfish preparation. You will work with a number of species during the course and given information about choosing, storage and freezing. Helpful tips on how to cook the fish will also be given, but there is no cooking element as part of this course.

Working with a number SEASONAL species of fish that could include: mackerel, seabass, gurnard, trout, hake, plaice, witch, megrim, coley, cuttlefish, oysters, scallops and crab, you will learn how to handle a filleting knife and other tools of the trade including scaler, shucking and steaking knife. You will spend the monring, trimming, scaling, gutting, filleting, pin-boning and skinning the seafood of the day.  You take away all of the fish you prepare.

To complete the morning we will serve a 'Fish Soup of the Day' with crusty bread. We will talk through how to store your fish, including freezing options. We will give you a Seafood School Recipe pack to take home too.


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  • Description
Techniques covered

You will work with a number of seasonal species including Flat fish (plaice, witch etc) Round fish (mackerel, trout, gurnard etc) Shellfish (oysters, squid) A couple of other species will be demonstrated

What to Expect

A informal and informative morning honing some knife skills and learning the basics under the watchful eye of a skilled blockman

Who should attend

Anyone who would like to learn the basic art of cutting fish.

What you take home

All the fish and shellfish that you prepare

Can I buy fish?

If you would like more fish to take away, arrive at 7am and take a look around the market. Bring cash to make purchases. We have a chiller to hold purchases for the duration of the course.

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