Morning Catch

6-12 People
3.50 hours
£ 60.00

Visiting the market during trading hours is exciting and well worth an early start. During this course you will spend time on the market with our team of experts learning about the many global species of fish and shellfish on offer, gain an undestanding of how the market works and importantly - buy some seafood to work with.

Aim to arrive promptly at 6am.  To kick start the session we will give you an over view of the market, where the seafood comes from, a little bit of history and talk through seafood options you can purchase to work with and take away. Don't worry if you don't know what to choose - we will give you recommendations and an idea of what is at its seasonal best. 

Head out onto the market, escorted by our team, to choose and purchase your seafood and enjoy a tutored visit to understand best quality and what the sustainable choices are.  

After a thorough look around, we take you back to the kitchen to tuck into one of our fish breakfasts, prepared by our kitchen chef team.  There is a chance to chat to the market visit team and warm up before putting on an apron to cut your fish. 

After breakfast you will work with our expert fishmongers to learn how to prepare your chosen seafood.

Popular choices for the preparation session include sea bass or bream, lemon sole, brill or turbot, monkfish, scallops and hake. If you don't know what to choose we suggest you come with a favourite recipe idea and we can suggest the best fish for the dish!

You will need to bring cash to make your purchase. You will have time to prepare 2 of the same types of seafood during the practical hands-on session.

And finally - if you would like to purchase a knife to take away and practice at home or need some recipe suggestions for your prepared fish, there is always someone on hand to help you. We look forward to welcoming you to Billingsgate.



06:15am - 09:30am -

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Techniques covered

Choose the fish or shellfish that you wish to prepare and we will show you how to do it.

What to Expect

Arrive at the school for registration at 6.15am. After a short introduction to the workings of the market we take you on to the market to talk about the different species available (up to 130 - 150 on a really good day). We also cover quality assessment. During the visit you choose which fish that you would like to buy and we will help you make your purchase. Many people who attend this morning are unsure what fish that they would like to work with. We will make suggestions and suggest working with a species of fish that covers various techniques either flat fish (lemon sole, plaice etc) or round fish (including sea bass, sea bream, red mullet and monkfish) We only have time to work with one species per person, but you can buy whatever you would like during the visit. After the visit we return to the school kitchen for a light breakfast and then a 1 hour preparation session.

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to try new species of fish or learn some top tips on how to prepare it at home. We can also arrange private visits for small groups. If you want a more substantial fish breakfast (or even a glass of Bucks Fizz after the visit) we can arrange this at a competitive rate. Just email or contact us by 'phone to discuss the options.

What you take home

Your prepared fish and an understanding of how Billingsgate market operates during trading hours.

Can I buy fish?

As much as you like, although we will only have time to work on a single species of fish with you during the session. Just bring cash and a cool bag.

Review and leave a comment about the course you had with us.

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