Quality Assessment of Fish & Shellfish for Technical Managers and EHP's

10-20 People
8.00 hours
£ 150.00

This quality assessment course is designed as an overview of quality assessment of both fish and shellfish and is for Environmental Health Practitioners, Food Inspectors and Technical Managers within seafood companies.

The course is delivered over an eight hour period and includes a market visit, classroom and practical sessions.
This day is led by experts from Billingsgate Market, Fishmongers' Company and Industry Consultants. 

Please note that this course does include an early morning visit to Billingsgate Market. For those who are unable to reach us by 6.00am, please let us know and we will book a place from 8am. Please contact the administration office on 0207 517 3548 to discuss


06:15am - 14:00pm

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What to Expect

1. An overview of the principles of fish/ shellfish spoilage 2. Review of the principles of fish/shellfish quality assessment methods 3. Summarise the various methods used to assess the quality of fish/shellfish including organoleptic testing, chemical and microbiological and their limitations 4. Review of the principles of fish/shellfish quality assessment panels and management 5. An overview of the legislation that controls fish/shellfish quality assessment. 6. Guidance for further study either for those who need more detail on quality assessment with the Seafood Industry or as a Food Inspector within the wider Food Industry.

Who should attend

Environmental Health Officers and Technical Managers from food businesses.

What you take home

The days delivers 7.5 hours certified professional development (CPD)

Can I buy fish?

Fish can be purchased during the market visit for those wanting to make the most of a visit to Billingsgate. We have a chiller to store fish during the day and a limited amount of freezer space.

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