10-20 People
1.00 hours
£ 20.00

Saturday is a busy day on the market - and this makes it difficult viewing the seafood at ground floor level -  but we are keen to share our market expertise with all our guests...

Our new course on a Saturday morning aims to offer a market insight. On certain dates - we will be opening at 6.30am to offer tea and coffee and a escorted market balcony tour. Walking around the balcony and offering a clear birds eye view of activities - and using our own Billingsgate Market Map - we will share our knowledge of all things Billingsgate: the history, the companies, the species, the quality of the product and the global species that arrive in the market every day.

Our talk will last for around 45 minutes - after which there is an opportunity to buy product. If you want to purchase fish or shellfish - we can you lots of advice and tips. We can store any purchases 

This is a stand alone course - or for those taking a class at the Seafood School - there is a 20% discount 

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