Special Saturday Breakfast and Seafood Preparation

1-14 People
3.50 hours
£ 60.00

The START time is up to you... either join us at the school at 7am to register and have a quick cup of tea or coffee.  One of our team will talk for a few minutes to explain how the market operates and ideas about seasonal fish so you get a feel for what will be a good purchase if you want to buy extra fish. Feel free to make extra purchases as we have a large walk in chiller to store this for the duration of the course.
You head onto the market on your own to explore and make extra purchases if you wish. We are unable to offer an escorted market visit on this course as the market is too busy on a Saturday morning. Return to the first floor for breakfast at 8am....

OR Join us at 8am for a briefing and to enjoy one of our 'fish' breakfasts served with tea and coffee before embarking on a fish preparation session.
Once breakfast is finished, spend 60 - 90 minutes learning the ropes, working with the designated species on the day. If you have purchased extra fish there may be time for our team to advise on preparation and cooking.

This course is hands-on seafood prepration only with NO cooking, although we will give you lots of information about the seafood prepared and how to cook it. We hand out recipes during the session - with a full description on how to complete the dish at home. 

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Saturday 28th July
Monkfish for the BBQ!

Learn about monkfish and where it is landed in the UK. Prepare a monkfish tail (skin and fillet) and some monkfish cheeks to thread onto skewers to take away. We will give you a recipe for Cardamom Marinated Monkfish Skewers with Tzatziki and Mint and Coriander Couscous to complete at home. You will take away 4 skewers to serve 2.

Saturday 4th August
Sardines galore!

Working with 1kg of sardines per person you will learn how to prepare them 'every which way': for the BBQ, filleted for curing and grilling. You will cure a handful with salt and rice wine vinegar to take away. The chef trainers will talk through the recipes to complete at home at your leisure to include: BBQ Sardines with Greek Salad, Cured Sardines with Pickled Ginger Beetroot and Roast Sardines with Gremolata Crumb

Saturday 8th September
Lemon Sole
Learn how to choose flat fish and to identify the best quality. Each person will fillet and skin a lemon sole to take away. The chef trainer will demonstrate how to prepare Torbay Sole for serving whole and a talk on how to make an excellent fish stock at home (very quick and easy). We will give you a recipe for fish stock and Aromatic Lemon Sole, Saffron and Chickpea Tagine to create at home with the fish you have prepared. You will have enough for 2 - 3 people.

Saturday 29th September 2018
King Scallops... and some Queenies too

Learn how to identify quality scallops, how they are caught and how to shuck and clean them. You will have 6 diver scallops each. You will also learn about ready prepared Queenie scallops and have some to take away to cook at home. We will also provide you with a recipe leaflet for both Queenie Scallops Thai Style and Roast Scallops in the Shell with Seaweed - for you to cook at home. You will have enough for 2 - 3 to serve.

Saturday 6th October
Skates and Rays
Learn about the different skates and rays found around the UK coast line and understand the sustainability issues surrounding these species.
Working with locally sourced Thornback ray (AKA Roker) you will be shown how to skin a wing and working with skinless wings, learn how to fillet.
We will give you a recipe for Skate Wing En Papilotte with Bacon Lardons and Capers to cook at home using your prepared fish. 

Saturday 27th October
Herrings and Mackerel 

Working with both of these species today - as they are at their seasonal best, roll up your sleeves and learn how to fillet herrings as single fillets and also for a kipper - and collect the roe. We will demonstrate how to make Rollmops. We will give you a recipe for Traditional Cider Soused Herrings AND Home Smoked Kippers to create at home. You will also learn how to fillet 2 mackerel. We will give you a recipe for Chilli Baste Mackerel to cook at home for supper. You will work with 1kg of herrings and 2 mackerel and have enough to serve 4 at home. 

Saturday 3rd November
The big trending fish this year - and gaining popularity fast.. Working with a small hake, learn how to fillet and skin this fish. We will give you a recipe for Fish Stock to take and and a recipe for Roast Hake with Caponata (pickled aubergine) to take away and create at home.

Saturday 24th November
Seabass and Sea Bream
Learn how to tri, scale, fillet and pin-bone 1 of each species to take away for supper. Recipe for this will be Salt & Pepper Bass with Autumn Red Coleslaw to take away to create at home. 

Saturday 8th December
John Dory

Learn how to fillet and skin a small John Dory under the watchful eye of our team. We will give you a recipe for Grilled John Dory with Warm Kalamata Olive Tapenade and Fennel Salsa to take away to create at home.

Saturday 22nd December - Christmas Special with Prosecco... Price £75 per person


Prepare a selection of SHELLFISH and take away our recipe TO CREATE AT HOME for 
BEST OF BRITISH SHELLFISH POT ROAST (using 1/2 a lobster, crab claws, mussels, palourdes and some scallops) 
Prepare a selection of FISH to take away with our recipe TO CREATE AT HOME for
SEAFOOD SCHOOL FISH BISQUE (using turbot fillets, a whole seabass and hake fillets)

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What to Expect

Learn about the market then explore on your own A light market fish breakfast followed by a hands on practical session.

Who should attend

Anyone over the age of 16 who is interested in an informal morning learning about specific species of fish

What you take home

The seafood that you have prepared and a recipe idea for your fish.

Can I buy fish?

Attendees will have an opportunity to purchase extra seafood - both fresh and frozen during market hours. Remember to bring cash as most companies won't take cards

Review and leave a comment about the course you had with us.

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