The MFS Course DAY 1

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9.00 hours
£ 120.00

The Master Fishmonger Standard

Passionate about fish and the environment, whilst upholding the heritage and craftmanship of the fishmonger trade, the Master Fishmonger Standard (MFS) celebrates professional excellence by certifying fishmongers with extensive professional skills and knowledge.

To learn more about the MFS and the tiers, please go to the MFS website –

The MFS Course and Assessment
The MFS Course is for the fishmongers wishing to update their knowledge and hone their skills prior to taking the MFS Recognised or MFS Advanced Fishmonger Assessment, comprised of a knowledge test and practical observation.
The course is composed of seven different topics, all of which are taught by one of our industry experts. You are welcome to attend the three-day course and assessment, or of you prefer you may choose to only come to the courses where you feel you need the most support.
We strongly recommended that all candidates complete the MFS workbook found here ( before attending the three-day course and assessment.

Day 1:

6.15 am – 3 pm, 1st of May 2018

£120 (including breakfast and lunch) for the full day or £55 per individual course 

Billingsgate Market Visit & Seafood Quality Assessment

Lead by one of the market’s fisheries inspectors, you will be taken around the hustle and bustle of Billingsgate Market! Well known for its wide variety of species - flown in from all corners of the world - Billingsgate provides the perfect opportunity to learn about species identification, as well as how to assess freshness and quality in these species. You’ll finish the visit with a light breakfast in time for the rest of the day’s activities.
The first class of the day is one of the most important skills a fishmonger should have - ensuring your customers get the best quality products! Here you’ll learn how to assess quality in whole / filleted fish and raw shellfish. It will also introduce you to different methods of assessing fish using quality assessment schemes, such as TORRY and Quality Index Monitoring and how to process seafood products, such as smoked fish. Poor quality seafood will never go unnoticed again!

HACCP for fishmongers

Understanding how to design and implement a HACCP system is a vital skill for any fishmongers interested in running their own fishmonger shop one day! This introductory course will cover the basic principles and terms used in HACCP, as well as teach you how to identify, design and operate a HACCP system.

Fisheries and Aquaculture
Good customer service is about showing your customers that you understand the entire seafood supply chain and value the importance of sustainable, traceable and transparent seafood. As a fishmonger you should be able to explain to your customers the wide range of harvesting methods used to fish and farm their seafood products. You should also be conversant about accreditation schemes, such as the Marine Conservation Society and Responsible Fishing Scheme, and able to identify why certain harvesting methods are more responsible than others. This course explains all of this and more, so you’ll never be put on the spot by your customers again!


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