10-14 People
2.50 hours
£ 35.00

We are delivering a number of UPDATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE Workshops. 

Our cutting skills morning is a short burst market visit and then a cutting session to give your team an opportunity to hone their skills working with a number 

The day will start with a quick look around the market followed by working with 2 species of under-utilised or trend emerging seafood. 

Thursday 24th August

Our first session will be based around HAKE and Gurnard.
Working with a fishmonger you will prepare a whole hake looking at various cuts including: portioning loin, steaks and fillets.
Gurnard is one of our top choices. We use an industry technique preparing it ready for the oven. 

The school chef team will cook the fish using a number of techniques to taste at the end of the workshop

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