Schools and Young Peoples Programmes

As a charitable company the primary function of the school is to introduce and educate school children about fish and promote the health benefits of eating seafood. We do this by delivering courses for young people and local community groups.

The simple idea of our schools programmes is to show students what fish look like in their natural state, how they are prepared and then simple, quick methods of cooking them. A key part of our seafood message is understanding sustainability. We focus on the many sustainability issues including methods of fishing, responsible sourcing and environmental impact.

Free and low cost fish preparation and cookery courses for primary and secondary schools and catering colleges.  The courses are funded by the profits from the commercial activities of the school.  Donations are very welcome.  We are actively seeking funds to enable us to offer courses to a wide range of schools as well as local community and voluntary groups.

In praise of our courses

Here is how one school described their day at Billingsgate:

"I would like to thank you so much for such an enjoyable course. The two presenters were excellent welcoming, encouraging and informative. It was one of the best visits we have been on. You might be interested to know that a couple of the students would never cook fish, this workshop actually changed their view!"

Our courses include
New for 2018 - Big Fish Mondays  - Primary School visits to Billingsgate for up to 60 children 
Outreach visits to Primary Schools
Intro to Fish for GCSE at The Seafood School at Billingsgate
Fish and Shellfish Workshop for Catering Colleges